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Best Surfer SEO alternative 2023: It can writing faster (NLP and Analytics)

Best Surfer SEO Alternative 2022

Best Surfer SEO Alternative 2023

Surfer SEO is the combination of keywords and blog posts that are optimized for your target audience who are looking for content of your particular interest.

  It is a common practice amongst bloggers to use SEO in combination with their blogs so that they can get better rankings in top lists and search engines.

Surfer SEO pioneer in on-page SEO. It helps writers better target organic audiences.

Currently, Surfer SEO can be used when writing blog posts with Jasper / Jarvis AI.

As you can see from the pricing package of Surfer SEO, the lowest package is $49 / mo (For 10 SEO and 20 Audit).

Best Jasper AI Alternative 2023

While currently, the lowest subscription for writing AI from Jasper / Jarvis AI is $49 / mo (for 35K words).
Best Jasper AI Alternative 2022
So, when we need to write using Jasper AI and Surfer SEO for better ranking in Google, we should pay the lowest subscription $98 / mo ($49 x 2), for a package of 35K words and 10 SEO (20 Audit SEO).

What if there is a better solution $19 cheaper.


It can write AI just like Jasper AI
Have keywords SEO solutions like Surfer SEO
+ Have Content Grade Readability like Hemingway

  • Unlimited Words for Writing AI
  • 30 SEO
Surfer SEO alternative


You always wanted to learn and write fast but keep your content interesting. That’s where SEO AI comes in.

It helps you write better and faster using AI, which helps you rank higher in the Google search engine. You’ll learn everything about SEO AI and how to use it in your business.

All you need to do is to follow this guide step by step, and you’ll be able to get the most out of SEO AI for your blog posts article.